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Cardamom Powder

The specifications of export quality small green cardamom from India are as follows:

  1. Grades: The small green cardamom is graded based on size, shape, color, and aroma. The different grades available are
  • Extra Bold (EB) : 8 mm or more
  • Bold (B) : 6-8 mm
  • Superior (S) : 4-6 mm
  • Cardamom Seeds (CS)

2. Size: 6 to 8 mm.
3. Color: uniform green color
4. Aroma: strong, fresh, and pleasant aroma.
5. Moisture content: less than 10%.
6. Foreign matter: 1-2% stones, dust, or other debris.
7. Packaging: jute bags, PP bags, and cartons
8. Storage: stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, and protected from moisture.

Specifications for green cardamom powder:

Appearance: fine, light-green powder with a pleasant aroma.
Flavor: sweet, slightly pungent flavor with a citrusy undertone.
Moisture content: below 10%.
Ash content: below 8%.
Total ash: between 4-9%.
Volatile oil content: between 3-5%.
Microbial count: 10^5 cfu/g for total aerobic microbial count and less than 10^2 cfu/g for pathogenic bacteria.

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